Other Chapters

University of Nebraska alumni and friends can be found in all 50 states and many foreign countries. So if you find yourself in a new city, thinking that your ties to the university are severed, think again. Those ties can be stronger than ever if you affiliate with a Nebraska alumni chapter in your area.

The Nebraska Alumni Association sponsors chapters in many locations throughout the nation. Each year, we add more chapters to our list, so don't despair if a chapter doesn't currently exist in your area.

NU alumni chapters have an exciting mix of cultural, athletic, recreational and academic-related activities. Activities include: football TV watches, pre-admissions student recruitment, Founders' Day dinners, alumni and college reunions, picnics and ice cream socials.

For information on the chapter nearest you call the Nebraska Alumni Association at (888) 353-1874 or visit their website at

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Click on an icon nearest you to see if your area's Alumni Association has a website