Houstonians for Huskers is the only official chapter of the Nebraska Alumni Association in the Houston metro area. We act as the liaison between local fans / alumni and the University.

The success of the chapter depends completely on the generosity of our members. We are completely self-funded and we rely solely on our members to volunteer their time and energy as Committee Coordinators. Coordinators normally spend no more than a few hours a month working on matters for the group; however, their involvement is crucial to our operation.

Houstonians for Huskers is currently in need of volunteers. If you are interested, have any questions, or would like to volunteer to be a coordinator on the leadership committee of the Houstonians for Huskers, please contact Houston Husker or talk to any of the committee members at the watch parties.

These are a few of the areas in which we could use your help: Watch Parties, Website Coordinator, Scholarship Fundraising, and Special Event Planning.