Calling out to all Husker alumni, fans and friends! We'd love to add you to our email/address book to keep you up-to-date on Husker happenings in Houston!

Fill out as much as you want, but we'd really appreciate at least your name and email!

If you've signed in at a watch party, we have your information. If you've never received an email from us, we either have the wrong email address or none at all!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with an appropriate way to express your allegiance to the Husker Nation and keep you informed of our local events.

Houstonians For Huskers is a volunteer based and independently funded Chapter of the Nebraska Alumni Association. We rely completely on the generosity of our local members to donate their time and money.

Our members consist of University of Nebraska alumni (all campuses), former University students, former Nebraska residents, and Husker fans. If you fall into one of these categories, then you are welcome to join Houstonians For Huskers, the Nebraska Alumni Association, or both. Becoming a member of Houstonians For Huskers is free, but does not make you a member of the Nebraska Alumni Association. The Alumni Association requires an annual dues or a one time lump sum due in order to become an annual or lifetime member.

We highly recommend, but do not require, that Houstonians For Huskers' members become members of the Nebraska Alumni Association. The reason is simple. The more Alumni Association members we have as a part of Houstonians For Huskers, the more benefits we receive from the University as a group. This includes tickets to games, big name speakers, and so on. The cost to become an annual member is $50. For a list of the benefits to becoming an Alumni Association member, click on the Nebraska Alumni emblem below.